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Artist Jeff Challenor and the 5 Panels that made up the mosaic
Hillsborough Memorial mosaic insitu. Viewed from the centre.
Hillsborough Memorial mosaic insitu. Viewed from the left.
Hillsborough Memorial mosaic insitu. Viewed from the right.


The 15th April 1989, will be remembered as the day that changed Football in England forever. The facilities now on offer and the wealth that is currently within the game, owe a great deal to the Taylor Report which resulted in the terrible tragedy that occured at Hillsborough that day.

Ninty - six Liverpool fans died from injuries caused by crushing at the Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, on 15th April 1989. The disaster happened at the start of a F.A. Cup semi -final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football clubs. The overcrowding was due to the persons in - charge of crowd control, failing to cut off an access tunnel leading to the Leppings Lane End terracing. Allowing severe overcrowding to develop in the Leppings Lane End terraces of the ground.

The Hillsborough Memorial mosaic was inspired after the artist had watched the screening of Jimmy McGovern's drama " Hillsborough " on ITV. The Hillsborough Memorial mosaic is sited in the reception area of the Museum / Visitors Center at Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club. Memorial in situ.

The mosaic is made up of five individual panels. Two panels for the eternal flames, one panel for the Shankley gates, one panel for the 96 shirts and a final panel for the Liverpool Football Club crest. ( top left ).

Making The Shirts
Rollover the images to see colour image.
Rollover image to see Shirts been made Each Shirt was individual hand crafted by pressing clay into moulds.
Because of the temperature of the kiln and the reaction of the glaze, 208 shirts were actually made, to make up the final 96.
Here, the artist is preparing the Shirts.
Rollover image to see Shirts drying out
After the clay shirts had been moulded, they were left to dry .
After a couple of days they were ready to be glazed.
Here, the clay Shirts are drying out.
Rollover image to see Shirts , glazed and ready for firing Before firing the Shirts, each one had to be glazed a couple of times.
Here, the glazed shirts are ready for firing.
Rollover image to see Shirts after been fired
This is were the extra shirts were needed. There was no control on how the Shirts would look once fired.
Here, are the Shirts after being fired.
Rollover image to see Shirts completed After firing, the numbers 1 - 96, and the names of the individuals were hand painted on to the backs of the the shirts in alphabetical order.
Here, you can see the completed 96 Red Shirts.
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